France should take an example from Israel in the fight against terrorism

France should take an example from Israel in the fight against terrorism”

The restriction of freedoms is not a guarantee of security in the face of terrorism. As the long experience of Israel demonstrated, the civil population must be ready to fight in emergency situations.

How could France take the example of the stability of Israel in the face of terrorism?

Shilik Soffer, the expert answers: “Israel, unfortunately, has extensive experience in emergency situations: war, terrorist attacks, rocket attacks, etc.

During a recent trip to Paris, I showed the model of training civil population to the authorities. It was formed on the basis of the Second World War in Lebanon in 2006, and other tragic events around the world. I hope that France would take this model into service”.

Israel - is the only liberal democracy in the entire Middle East region. How did Israeli democracy survive in the conditions of a plurality of acts of terrorism and the rise of radical Islam?

“Israel has a strong democracy. Although we are in an uncompromising struggle against Islamist terrorism, we firmly hold on to our democratic Western values and respect for international law”.

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 In Israel, there are 1.7 million Arab citizens, and Parliament has their representatives. How do you manage to maintain the social relationship in spite of the growing tension?

“In my humble opinion, the Arab deputies do not fully reflect the country's Arab community. Most people, whether Arabs or Jews, prefer peaceful co-existence. Personally, I do not see any difference between the Arab citizens and the rest of the population. I consider all primarily as Israelis”.

What, in your opinion, is the most effective way of combating terrorism?

“I am a specialist in civil defense that involves training the population to emergency situations and terrorist attacks. French authorities should coordinate their activities, not only within the state but also with the international community. In addition, they should actively prepare the population in case of terrorist attacks.

If people know what to do in case of a terrorist attack, they can contribute to saving lives and coordinate with emergency services.

It seems to me, that restriction of freedom does not ensure greater security and a more effective fight against terrorism. Anyway, in some laws government should correct, to give the authorities the means to better resistance to terrorism”.

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