Hezbollah threatens to Israel with a new battle

Hezbollah threatens to Israel with a new battle”

In the new war with "Hezbollah", Israel is waiting for a massive evacuation of the population.

Command of the Israel Defense Forces (main military forces of Israel State) has developed a plan for the evacuation of residents that live in 14 settlements, adjacent to the border with Lebanon, in the case of an armed conflict with the Shiite group "Hezbollah"(Shi’a militant group in Lebanon, that has its own representatives in the government), that can probably happen in the future.

The official website of the government placed the reports that residents of settlements in the Upper Galilee are transported in the quick order to the area of Emek Ha-Yarden. At the same time, citizens of the settlements in the foothills of Hermon activists will wait in the Dead Sea region.

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As it was reported earlier, the command of the IDF called the Lebanese group of Hezbollah a major threat to the security of Israel. Senior military sources claim that the new war with "Hezbollah" will be much more difficult than the Second Lebanon War - because of improvement of the quality of weapons, which has at its disposal group.

The military commandment of IDF believes that war could break out as a result of the incident on the border between Israel and Syria and Lebanon. Probably "Hezbollah" will be able to shoot down several aircraft and sinking a number of ships.

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