Millions of dollars are thrown into the sea

Millions of dollars are thrown into the sea”

Three-day persecution of the Chinese fishing vessel Hua Li 8 by the Argentine Coast Guard ship Prefecto García, ended up with fleeing of the Chinese vessel, and attracted media attention across the country.

It's time to remind you that sea is extremely important to Argentine national economy.

In accordance with international standards, territorial waters considered water area of 12 nautical miles (22.2 km), which are measured from the low water line. In this area of the sea surface, Argentine has full sovereignty, in the same way as on any street, road or a hill, located on the land. The following 12 miles are considered adjacent area with the not complete sovereignty, but the authority to search, the police and judicial control remain in the jurisdiction of Argentina.

Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) extending 200 miles into the sea. There is free shipping in the framework of international navigation, but the country has an exclusive right to fish and receive mineral resources in the depths of the sea.

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We are talking about an area of 2.8 million square kilometers, which, among other resources, has huge reserves of commercial fish. It is home to all the most expensive in the global market fish species.

The episode with the police, during which the ship of the Argentine coast guard tried to detain vessel is not something new or exceptional. The Navy and the Coast Guard of Argentina is not the first time faced with illegal fishing. Illegal fishing can be considered as violation and a crime, depending on the circumstances. 

Legal fishing leads by the Argentine or foreign companies who have made a certain monetary payment and obtain the appropriate license, which indicates what kind of fish, how much, in what area of the sea they are allowed to catch fish in a certain time of a year.

Any other fishing activities within the EEZ is illegal and, as a consequence, punishable. During the arrest the offending ship, besides the legal action Argentine police can confiscate the cargo and a large fine. As a rule, team members are not attracted to the punishment, except for the captain and navigator, as they are responsible for ensuring that they entrusted the ship was not included in those sea areas where fishing is prohibited.

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