The other doors to Turkish economy: Serbia

The other doors to Turkish economy: Serbia”

The Turkish people love to travel the world, discover new places, to rush in search of adventure. In Anatolia, they have come from Central Asia and found a home there. Thanks to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Turkish people now have Turkey.

And now, in the complicated conditions of doing business in Turkey, they can once again hit the road. The best Turkish economists convinced that investment must be made in Serbia. Why?

- Serbia is a small country with a population of seven million people and an area of 88 thousand square kilometers.

- 2015 Serbia has completed a growth rate of 0.8%. Forecast for 2016 - 1.8%. GDP per capita 5.1 thousand dollars.

- The rate of inflation - 1.5%, the interest rate - 6.6%.

- The current account deficit of payments balance - 4,7% of GDP. Budget deficit - 4.1% of GDP.

 - The level of participation in the labor force - 63%, the unemployment rate - 18.3%.

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 - In 2016, Serbia took 59th place in the ranking of business (Turkey - 55th). Compared to last year the country has risen to nine positions.

- According to the IMF report on the pricing freedom Serbs got 4 out of 4. That is, the state does not determine the price on the meat, bread.

- Score for structural reforms - 2.3.

- Serbia has the low taxes. In this country, it held the lowest income tax in Europe. Rate - 10%.

- It is the country with the lowest after Bulgaria corporate tax rate in Europe (15%). If you make an investment worth over 8.5 million euros and will employ 100 people, with ten years you will not collect taxes.

 - Serbia has signed free trade agreements with many countries, including Turkey.

After the events that followed the disintegration of Yugoslavia, Serbia stands out in the background of other countries and understands it. As the Serbs have lived for centuries side by side with the Turks, they sympathize to their neighbors. Serbia is on the threshold of the EU. Maybe it even be the EU member faster than Turkey. Turkish investors convinced that it is the best opportunity to invest their money.

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