We have secret weapon which can be used to strike at ISIS

We have secret weapon which can be used to strike at ISIS”

Islam Alloush is a press-secretary of “Jaysh Al-Islam” ("Army of Islam"), the main enemy of the regime in Damascus suburbs.

The "Army of Islam" is the one of the four largest armed groups opposing the Syrian army and its allies. There are 30 thousand men in its ranks, fighting in the suburbs of Damascus. Its founder and military commander Zahran Alloush was killed in a bombing in December, last year. Alloush was one of hundred of prisoners accused of belonging to the Salafi groups, which granted amnesty at the end of 2011. Once free, he created a movement "Saria al-Islam", which in two years will unite with many Islamist groups also emerged on the wave of protests. As a result, "Army of Islam" will be born.

After the assassination of their leader, the management of "Jaysh al-Islam" separated on the ideological wing, headed by Abdalá Mohamed Alloush in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), and military, headed by Esam al Buwaydani, and political headed by Mohammed Alloush. His press secretary Islam Alloush tells in a telephone interview about the goals of the "Jaysh al-Islam" in Syria.

- What are the goals in front of "Army of Islam" in Syria? Do you want to be a part of the future government?

Islam Alloush says: “Our priority is to end the regime of Bashar al-Assad and to build a system based on the rule of law and principles of justice. We do not seek to join the government, and at this time, it is too early to speak about this. Different groups need to maintain unity because this is no time for controversy. Our country suffers from a brutal military campaign by the regime and its international allies. Opposition members are experiencing difficult times due to failed attempts of the international community to protect people in Syria. Our main task is to free the country from this criminal regime. In our fight against the problem of the Syrian revolution and justice are above purposes of "Army of Islam" and its followers”.

- Your principles of social organization apply to all Syrian citizens, including minorities currently living in the territory?

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“Of course”.

- The late leader of the "Jaysh al-Islam", Zahran Alloush sharply opposed the Alawites (a religious minority, which includes many members of the ruling regime). Will the Syrians of this confession still live in Syria after the victory of "Jaysh al-Islam"?

“This is the wrong information. All Syrians will decide how the government of Syria will be look like”.

- Now it declared a partial truce in the fighting. Does it observe by the "Army of Islam"?

“In general, we follow the decision of the Supreme Committee for the negotiations in Geneva. In fact, the press secretary Mohamed Alloush is a member of the "Army of Islam". It is too early to speak about further action”.


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