What could be the ideal gift for a 3-5 years old child? There are really many things in the market, and not all of them are precisely in a toy store. Although a toy can always be the ideal and most desired option, but the amount of toys that the child can receive on his or her birthday should always be considered. The idea -at this point- is to get away from the more conventional.

A child is a sponge, and therefore, any element placed in the correct stage of his growth could promote many skills for him. It is for this reason that taking the time to provide useful tools while giving them a present is an opportunity that Keuzehelper does not want you to waste.

Before talking about possible gifts, let’s talk about categories:

  1. Things they need

Within this point, there are too many elements that could be incorporated. However, considering the stipulated age range, there are a few that will be much more beneficial. Among them:

  • A box of tools for crafts: yes, a box with modeling clay, cloth, paper or any other material that allows its manipulation. Children will have a lot of fun with this, even if they do not have developed their artistic skills. They will take advantage of these tools to make their own creations, and this makes it an excellent stimulus for the development of their psychomotor skills.
  • Good stories. In this age when children approach reading, do not miss the moment and make this experience something really charming for them. You could even instill a great love for reading if you include this type of incentive among your most valuable belongings.
  • Sensory books: if you want to make the previous point a little more incredible, then you have used these incredible tools when stimulating the development of the senses in your little one. At the beginning they will represent an exploratory tool; with the passage of time, they will give them access to multiple ideal scenarios for their learning.

  1. Things to put (on)

Here the list that Keuzehelper can provide is also quite broad. However, there are a few elements that could impress this little one on his or her birthday. Let’s see:

  • A disguise. Yes, it is definitely not a “useful gift” but rest assured that your little one will love it. No need to associate it with parties where costumes are used, your child will be very excited to have a representative piece of his favorite character. Also, he could use it during your birthday celebration. She or he will love the idea.
  • Personalized clothing. Rest assured that any representative element about your little one’s favorite character will be something that he or she will end up loving. If the idea of ​​buying a disguise out of season does not seem too attractive to you, then you can choose to buy clothes on that loved character.
  1. Things they would love

Below is the list :

  • A Polaroid camera. If you are a technological lover and you cannot prevent your little one from having some gadgets, then it is time for you to give an opportunity to this incredible tool. For them it will be very exciting to take photos, especially during family outings or certain elements that you like a lot. However, what makes the experience offered by these cameras truly meaningful is to have the photos in physical form. It will not be long before you see their room completely surrounded with incredible photographs.
  • Some markers. If you want to complement the previous idea, then include some colored markers. They will be happy to put legends in their photos, which indicate some elements they consider important in them. Considering the age at which they are, this will be an excellent opportunity for them to develop their writing skills.
  • A truly special toy. Having a new toy will always be one of the most exciting experience a child can experience. However, the important thing is to know how to choose the element in question. According to what you have experienced at home, what are the toys he usually plays with? Does he have enough or rather consider that he needs one in better condition?

Choosing a good toy is not always a simple task, especially if you fear the idea of it being ​​pulled apart in a corner within a few weeks of being used for the first time. The idea that every toy is suitable for a child (as long as it is in the relevant age range) is wrong. They have definite interests and tastes, and your task is to know them.

With these ideas provided by Keuzehelper, it’s time for you to go and get that ideal gift for your little one. Remember that, whatever the element you end up choosing, this must be primarily functional, interesting and appropriate. Also, make sure that its use can propitiate certain truly essential learning situations throughout these years.

Giving a little child a gift is usually a fairly simple task. The exploratory lens with which they see the world at this age makes almost any object or element something interesting to discover. It is for this reason that it is essential to make use of this enthusiasm (which tends to disappear gradually as they grow) to provide memorable experiences through the gifts received.

The fact that it is a simple task does not mean that it should be taken for granted. On the contrary, giving a gift at this early age is a real opportunity.

Post Author: Nelson Russell