American Pie Presents

The American Pie series seems unable to die, a never-ending series of ideas and scenarios which will inevitably end in topless teens. High school and college parties are filled with silent buxom babes that are visual stimulus for the guys and props for the film. Sadly, the charm of the series has dies away with most of the original characters. The only character that continues to resurface as a Yoda of the high school world is Eugene Levy as Mr. Levenstein. Wherever Jim may be, his father continues to advise young men on their sexuality.

The latest straight-to-video installment in the franchise returns to high school, though the film stays up with the times by having three geeks as the protagonists. Tired of always striking out with the girl of their dreams, or just any girl, the three friends look to a secret manual of love found hidden in the library. As usual, the content in the book leads to topless women. There is also a sensitive side to the film, and romance is allowed even amidst the sex.

The Blu-ray provides little perks, beyond the extra perkiness of the high definition. Despite the claims on the cover art, this is actually one of the least shocking in the American Pie franchise, though there are always a few sexual mishaps thrown in for good measure. The special features include a feature with the love tips from the film, as well as several on-set featurettes about the making of the film. There are also deleted scenes, a gag reel, and an American Pie trivia.

Post Author: Nelson Russell