Ways of buying Instagram followers safe

The business of buying Instagram account has skyrocketed. For an account to be credible, influential and be noticed, it must have followers. Gaining of followers gradually is not an easy task. It can take so long to gain followers. Although some people use hashtags, keywords as well as regular posting to increase their following, sometimes it isn’t enough. Because of the need to increase followers fast enough, so many people have adapted the method of buying followers. There are so many sites and websites that sell followers. Because of that, some scammers are hiding behind the real and genuine sellers. To avoid being a victim of scammers, you should try as much as possible to buy Instagram followers safely. There are so many ways to do that. Below are some of them:

Look for a genuine Instagram follower seller

There are so many Instagram sellers service providers such as momentology. That means, finding a genuine one is not that easy or simple. If you are not careful, you will land in the hands of sellers who will sell you fake accounts or followers or those who will take your money and offer no service. To avoid that, below is what you should do.

  • Read reviews

There are reviews written on Instagram followers service providers. The reviews are available online for those interested in to read. Some go to the extent of sampling the service providers as well. Reviews can also rank the best to the worse. Before choosing a follower service provider, take your time to read as many reviews as possible. The reviews are a clear eye-opener of what other people are saying. It is through reviews that you will be able to make the right decision.

  • Ask for recommendations

If you already know someone who has bought Instagram followers before, try contacting them. this is the best way to find the best service provider because the one recommending will have already tested and used the service. Recommendations save time as well as money.

  • Research

Proper research will also help you find the best service provider. Do online research to find as many Instagram followers service providers as possible. Go through them one by one checking the packages they offer and their prices. After that, try reading comments or customer feedback on their services. If the feedback is positive, you can consider them but if it is not, look for another service provider. On your search look for Instagram followers purchase service providers who provide followers on the niche that you are interested in.

  • Reputation

When looking for Instagram followers purchase service provider, make sure that you are dealing with a reputable service provider. You can learn about their reputation from customer feedback. If it is possible, let the service provider give you contacts of the past people they have served before. It is through this that you will know if a company is reputable or not. Find reputable sites such as momentology.

  • Track record

If a service provider is experienced in providing real Instagram followers, they likely have a track record. Try checking what the company had done before. How many clients they have served and how they did it. following a company’s track is important in making sure that you are about to trust real influencers.

  • Check if they exist

When you are considering buying Instagram followers, it is good to know that there are scammers out there. If you make any single mistake, you might fall into their trap. Through that, you can lose a lot of money or end up losing your past followers too. Therefore, always remember to do your research very well before you trust a service provider.

Be careful when making payments

Another way to make sure that you are safe when buying Instagram followers is through making safe payments. There are so many things that you can do to avoid losing your money. Below are some of them:

  • Use safe payment methods

Do not use your main credit card when making payments for Instagram followers purchase. When you do so, there is a likelihood that you are putting your finances in jeopardy. Try as much as possible to use payment methods that will secure your cash if you are using your main card. Alternatively, use PayPal for your payments because it is considered as the safest way to make payments online. Another way is to make sure that the card you are using has anti-fraud protection.

  • Only make payments after service delivery

If you consider making payments before service delivery, you might end up losing all your money and receive nothing in return. To avoid being in such a situation, you should try as much as possible to convince the service provider to first deliver the service before you make payments.

  • Make sure not to pay through the third party

When making your payments, try as much as possible not to make payments through a third party. Only send cash through the person you negotiated with. Third-party involvement might be a way to scam you.


There are so many ways through which one can be scammed when buying Instagram followers. That is why you should know ways to safely buy Instagram followers. For that, you need to find the right Instagram follower service provider and make safe payment methods. In simple terms, one needs to be extra vigilant. To buy Instagram followers, consider momentology.

Post Author: Nelson Russell