Ratched season 2

Ratched season 2: When does it premiere?

Although its first season has not been released, many are already wondering if there will be Ratched season 2. And this has its reasons to start its creator is Ryan Murphy, the same creator of “American Horror Story.” This fact is the one that has created the most expectation among the fans of his work, so read on and find out if there will be renewal. Read more about Ratched season 2: When does it premiere?

Salvation season 3 possibility

Will there be Salvation season 3? When it premieres?

If you are a fan of series and movies about the end of the world. Surely you have loved Salvation. An American television series, with the essence or better, said with a derivative of the movie Armageddon. If you want to know everything about the launch of Salvation Season 3, then you have come to […]

Unknown Movies You Must Watch

Top 10 Unknown Movies You Must Watch

Cinema is one of the largest industries at the moment, and precisely for that reason, there are many productions. However, the ones we usually see are the most popular, but what about what’s “behind the scenes”? We bring you a list of 10 movies that are most certainly unknown to us. 10 Unknown Movies The […]

Best Christmas horror movies for all time

Best Christmas horror movies

By now, we have all known each other for a long time, the most traditional titles to see during these holidays marked by feasts, gifts, and family time. It is possible that some of us already know them by heart or that we even already have a mania for them, so we want to propose […]