What is secondary glazing? Read below to find out

Before we learn the secondary glazing, let us find out what double glazing means. Do you know what double glazing is? The doubled glazing deals with an insulated barrier that is in between the two panes of glass. The gap between can be filled with Argon or can be left a vacuum. You can control the heat from outside with both vacuum and Argon. This is what double glazing means. Next, the secondary glazing handles the existing windows that have single-glazing. This involves supplementary glazing that is installed to the existing window. People consider this as a temporary measurement, but it can be installed permanently as well. Once you know both types, how will you decide what you should consider?

  • You have to think of the needs and think whether your windows require double or secondary glazing. Talk to a professional to ensure the type of glazing required.
  • But before installing, make sure to check the prices of the glazing. Different providers will offer different rates. Hence it is better to check from a few providers before selecting one.

What is more expensive double or secondary glazing?

Insulated glazing is expensive if you compare it to secondary glazing. If you think of the way how double-glazing is installed you will understand why the price is so high. The secondary glazing doesn’t require new units so the work is less. Also, it is not as easy as installing a sheet of glass so it is obvious why the cost is high.

The effective thermal barriers of the double-glazing windows will work perfectly only under a few conditions. For effectiveness, it is important to ensure that the gap between the sheets of glass is filled with vacuum or gas and airtight. Hence if you need double-glazing to your windows, a professional’s help is essential. A professional must measure up and design a window that suits your house and the measurements. So, it is not an easy task that can be done within minutes.

But on the other hand, if you consider secondary glazing the work and the cost are less. There are DIY kits that are available for purchase so that you contact installers and get it installed. They will fit the supplementary glazing inside of the window frame without much effort.

When installing secondary glazing, it can be done as a DIY job. But when you consider double glazing, it is a must to seek professional help.

So double-glazing units need to be done on order and will take some time to install. The installer will need time as per the number of windows in your house. Of course, the process is quick but it is not similar to a DIY project.

On the other hand, secondary glazing can be done like a DIY project. But if you are lazy or not interested to take the responsibility, you can hire someone to do it for you. There are companies and installers who will do installing pretty easily. When compared to the process of installing double-glazing the work and duties related installing secondary glazing is less. Due to fewer duties, you will be able to get the work done simply.

What is the best glazing suitable to reduce heat loss?

There are many reasons why your windows need to be replaced. Some of the reasons are to increase energy efficiency and to reduce energy bills. Both insulated glazing and secondary glazing are great at this. Of course, double glazing does a great job in stopping heat loss from your home and the effectiveness is higher than in secondary glazing. If you compare the amount that you can save from swapping glazed windows into secondary and double glazing you will be able to understand the cost difference easily. If you pick the uPVC material, you will be able to enjoy the benefit for a long period.

Secondary glazing offers a greater level of cutting noise pollution. Both the types of glazing will cut noise pollution to a greater extent. But when you compare it to the secondary glazing, it does a better job at cutting noise pollution. The different glass pieces in the secondary glazing stand like a barrier when transmitting noise. When there is close panes the chance of cutting out noise pollution is less which is double glazing does not do a good job at this.

If you want to know whether you need planning permission, it is not required for regular repairing, replacing, and fitting. But if the property or building is in a conservative area then the problems might be huge. Hence, it is better to talk to the planning authority in your area before you install anything. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

What are the drawbacks in secondary glazing?

  • You will have a hard time in cleaning the secondary glazing so it is one of the main issues. If you are cleaning double glazing you will not have this issue because they are easy to clean. But this is tough because of the four sides and the difficulty in reaching it.
  • When you compare the opening of a double glazed window, it is easier than the secondary glazed window. So this is one of the drawbacks in secondary glazing.

Of course, these drawbacks aren’t huge so you can manage them which means secondary glazing is also a great choice!

Post Author: Nelson Russell