9 super ideas to entertain children on a trip

As traveling parents and as our little ones have grown, we have looked for resources adapted for her to entertain during the trip. Especially when it comes to waiting at the airport, traveling by plane, train, or car, or once you’re calm in your accommodation.

And it is that the rest will be enjoying what such an experience simply provides.

For this, we usually prepare a suitcase with different entertainment options, and today, we must recognize that it is an essential part of our family trips.

Therefore, if you want to know the different activities for children that we prepare for the little one in our adventures, we recommend you continue reading.

Options to entertain children on a trip

Entertain ideas

Learning Activities

One thing we often do is print out activities or workbooks that allow him to have a good time and at the same time allow him to learn things for his age.

For example, letters of the alphabet with drawings, numbers, and boxes to count, drawings with a color palette to respect (even if they don’t always do so later…), images about the planet and how to take care of it, objects and their shapes, words, and drawings in English, on the human body. ..

Another option that we include here is the sticker books since most of them usually have animated backgrounds to decorate with them. We like them a lot because, at the same time they work on fine motor skills, which they enjoy without realizing it.

Depending on the age of your children, you can adapt these activities to their level. And it is that learning and having fun is a perfect combination for them, right?

Coloring Pages

What boy or girl on the planet does not get distracted for a long time coloring a drawing?

And if they are already one of their favorite characters, we won’t even tell you. Some ideas are the 101 Dalmatians, the fantastic four, Maya the Bee, Abominable, Super Sonic, Spiderman, Aladdin, the Disney princesses, Anastasia, Asterix, and Obelix; Sponge Bob, Dori, and Nemo…

In this sense, there are a large number of options and formats adapted to travel: for example, magic water books (or water coloring books) are also usually a very successful alternative. At least ours loves it.

Otherwise, and as we explained above, you can print a few drawings at home and put them in your travel backpack.

All this and a few colors will make life easier with your little ones inside the plane or train.

In any case, as long as you carry some white paper and some pencils, they will be entertained no matter what.


Along with the above, another good option to entertain children on a trip is puzzled. In this sense, we have discovered two options: either those that come in small boxes that are easy to transport or the puzzles that are printed.

It is always good to have the original image, even if it is small so that they have it as a reference. In any case, it is an option that does not weigh and takes up no space, making it ideal for travel.

And as a complement to the puzzles and to make them work their memory, a good game of memos or cards with numbers, figures and letters can also be a great ally.

Find the Differences

Search and find the differences games usually involve a good degree of concentration and are another alternative when it comes to entertaining children on a trip.

There are activity books that include these options. Also, if in many cases they enjoy it so much it is because we can also start searching with them.

In the case of choosing to print some from home, they can even color them later if they are black and white. So, in the end, it’s a two for one.


In this sense, when it comes to distracting children when we are traveling, another option is children’s magazines. However, we anticipate that adults can also do the job well.

And it is that there are children’s magazines where they can find stories, comics, stickers and games, information on countries and animals, the universe… Which will arouse their interest for a long time.

However, adult magazines are also a good resource when we run out of ideas. Who has not enjoyed painting the faces of celebrities when we were little? Also, it is possible to play to find hidden objects or words as well as differentiate objects and colors. Be that as it may, do not underestimate the power of a good magazine as a resource to entertain children on a trip.


It is another option that we have also used with our little girl and that we can recommend. We usually carry a small pot with balls of different colors so that we can make figures or prepare food that we “supposedly” then eat ourselves.

The plane table allows them to play with them, just as if you go on the train and select the seats with a table. However, then you will have to tell them that you have to pick it up and see if a glob of plasticine has not been left loose.


The stories are worth both for home and as a means to entertain children on a trip. In this case, if they are babies, it is better to opt for those that are animated and soft that they can even squeeze if they wish.

From 2-3 years old, you can look for those mini-books in a small format that have been really designed to be taken everywhere and which are also adapted to different levels. In this way, they will be able to carry several stories with them without taking up much space in their backpack.

Hand Games And Toys

A traditional alternative but that always works to have a good time with the little ones. Some ideas are clapping, catching the “big” finger, mountains of hands, telling the butcher to cut you here, or painting two little eyes on top of your index finger and joining it with your thumb to make it look like the hand is a character who speaks

And speaking of hands… tickling them for a few minutes is also a good idea to calm them when they are very excited.

Another important resource is that they put some small toys in their backpack and preferably without noise so that they can use them everywhere. For example some dinosaur figurines, playmobiles, or legos.

At the same time, their favorite cuddly toy will allow them to play and calm down from time to time.

Nowadays, there are some board games in travel format or pocket games that allow the whole family to have a good time during a trip.

The Candy Box

When traveling with children, it is always good to bring snacks and some goodies that, although they are not necessarily a means of entertainment, can get us out of some complicated situations when the journey is too long and nothing works anymore.

Eating some sweets is sure to do them good and allow them to settle down in their seat while they savor them.

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