Tips to improve the entertainment area in your home

Your home will surely benefit from having a designated entertaining area. Today, the entertainment area of ​​the house is the most used room. It is where you share with family and friends; where we watch movies, and listen to music, among others.

Having a media room allows the rest of the house to remain quiet and collected.

In this article, we share 9 tips for you to use as a guide during the process of improving the entertainment area in your home, without deviating too much from your budget.

Know What You Want

Before you start the project, you need to determine if you really want a designated space in your home to be the entertainment area or if you want it to be a combined area with the living room. Everything will depend on your desire, your family, and your space.

The entertainment area of ​​the house

The next step is to determine how much budget you should allocate to the project. For this, you must determine if you need to make repairs, buy furniture and/or equipment or simply make minor adjustments to the space.

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Calibrate Your TV Or Projector

Many televisions and projectors do not work at optimum capacity right out of the box. For this reason, if you have not changed the settings, this is the opportunity to do so.

As a first step, make sure your unit isn’t set to store demo mode, then scroll through the picture presets until you find the one you like best.

We also recommend removing any light detection modes, for a better experience.

Rearrange Your Furniture

This will depend on the space you have available, but the more focused the furniture arrangement is in the direction of the television or projector, the better the audiovisual experience will be.

Other points to consider are:

  • The TV should be at eye level, even if it is mounted on the wall
  • Avoid placing the TV next to a window where a lot of light enters
  • The distance from the furniture to the television is important and will depend on the size and resolution

If you need the inspiration to rearrange your furniture and keep your house tidy, visit our article on the Latest Trends in Organizing Your Home.

Move Your Speakers

The position of the speakers is critical for the audiovisual experience in the entertainment area.

There are many guides online that show where you should place your speakers in relation to the position of your furniture. By simply following one of the guides, you can drastically improve the sound in your room, making movie nights more enjoyable.

Calibrate Your Speakers

Now that you’ve got your speakers set up, the next step is to make sure the levels are right. Especially if you have a mix of old and new speakers, or from different manufacturers, chances are you’re missing out on the immersive experience you deserve.

By having well-calibrated speakers throughout your system, you ensure that the sound is seamless from one speaker to another, resulting in a much more realistic immersive effect.

Replace Speaker And Connection Cables

The issue of cables, and if they affect the performance of your sound equipment, is a controversial and highly debated topic.

That said, there are some products that are not worth it. Although they are functional, they compromise the performance of your audio system. Ideally, you should use the original cables that came with your system.

Manufacturers include these cables to ensure that you can enjoy your product the way it was meant to be.

If you don’t have the original cables, consider buying high-quality cables. This will make a noticeable difference in the performance of your system.

Keep In Mind The Light Of The Room

The neat thing about going to the movies is the fact that when the movie starts, the room goes pitch black and all your senses focus on what’s on the screen.

Any light that enters the room affects the contrast and brightness of the image.

To control the light in your entertainment area, invest in a set of blackout curtains. These curtains are backed with a material that blocks out light and effectively darkens your room. We think you’ll be amazed at how drastically they improve your image.

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Integrate Other Activities Into The Space

We all like to watch television, but if space allows, choose to include areas for other types of activities. A reading area or an area with a pool table, ping pong, or a place for board games are alternatives that you can consider including in your space.

Compare Prices

Prepare a shopping list and find out the prices of all the items you need to buy. And always compare prices in different stores before buying, including online stores.

Never settle for the first price you see!

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