Best Android Auto Apps Being Used in 2019

At technopo, you will be exposed to several apps which will work well for you. Nowadays, you can find android apps for almost everything so why not for driving? Android auto, google in-car systems are some of the preinstalled android apps in some cars currently. But you have an option of using it in your car through your android phone by connecting it to a car display which is compatible.

If you have a phone which runs android 5.0 or newer, then you will be able to access the android auto app. The below list of some of the best android apps is limited but you can still access more by visiting technopo. There are some best android auto apps which will complement your driving experience and which will help you to get some enjoyment while you are on the road.

  • Spotify: It is one of the largest music streaming app in the world which is compatible with android auto. You will be able to have access to Spotify auto massive database of available albums, songs, and artists. If you are not subscribed, you can still get access to music for free with ads. If you have a desire to download your songs for use when you are in a place where there is no mobile data, or you are on a limited data package, then you can get yourself a Spofity premium subscription which is affordable per month. Check at technopo to get a guide on how to get discounts. To get set up to android auto is very easy, all you have to do is to plug your phone in and you will be good.
  • Pandora: In most instances, radio is associated with driving and this could be due to the fact that you cannot spend time picking your next favorite tune. When you are looking for personalized music streaming service, this could be one of them. Unlike with the traditional radio, with Pandora, you have an option of skipping songs which you are not interested in. If you are on a free account, then the number of skips are limited. If you want to remove the limitation on skips as well as the ads, you can pay a premium for just a few dollars per month. With that, you will be able to turn Pandora into a Spotify style. For convenience, it would be best if you stuck with the radio but at the same time, it would be worthwhile if you ended up loving your Pandora recommendations.

  • Facebook Messenger: If you are already on Facebook messenger to keep in touch with family and friends, then you can still use it while in the car. An incoming message will be sent to your android auto as long as it is active and thus, be in a position to keep everything. You have an option of allowing the android auto to read your message aloud and there is a large button which you can use to send a pre-typed, I am driving right now message in reply to the message you have just received. Check it out at technopo and you will find that, it is easy to integrate but at the same time welcomed for driving when you need as little distractions as possible.
  • Waze: On Waze, you will be able to get all types of real time useful information pertaining to the road ahead with the active online community. It is an app which also offers reroutes based on the available traffic, turn by turn directions, accidents alerts, hazards, and police locations. You will be able to use it also to share with your friends and family your ETA which is important especially if you are going to meet at some point. Things like best gas prices nearby, points of interest, facebook integration. All these and more you will be able to access while driving.
  • Whatsapp: It is a popular messaging app which can give you a handsfree way of being able to receive and send messages. When you use it together with android auto, you will simply have to tap on the message as it appears on your car display then utilize your voice to draft and send back the replies. In case you are using GPS or any other app at the same time, messages will be able to appear on the third top of your display so that you will be able to craft your response without having to switch screens of the app and in the process, missing out. Get more at
  • Google play music: When you integrate google play music with android auto, it gives you an easier way of controlling and listening to music as you drive. You can use voice prompts such as play google, okay google, to start a play list, play a certain song, or listen to a certain type of music genre. You can also utilize your car display to be able to navigate through the app, where you will be able to access recently played, music recommendations or mixes made using artists and songs which you have previously listened to. In each of the scenario, you will need to have google play music set up properly and be signed in.
  • Pocket Casts: Best podcasts can make driving more bearable while listening to some of your favorite music. It is compatible with android auto and thus, you are all sorted.

Post Author: Nelson Russell