Effects by Dosage of Kratom and Preparation Methods

At differing doses, different strains of kratom will have a different effect. According to the list of verified kratom vendors, although there is a variation, it depends on the strain and where you buy your kratom. It is believed that lower doses tend to give more stimulation as compared to higher doses but the cause of this variation is not well known. This might be due to the returns which are diminishing of the alkaloids which are responsible for stimulation as compared to the 7-hydroxymitragynine.

The list of verified kratom vendors is the best place to start with when you want to start using kratom in order to get the right dosage and its effects. You will need to know about the philosophy, advice, and theory in regard to the dosage of kratom so that you can be able to get the right effects.

  • The Theory of Less is More: On most forums, you will hear people talking about this theory with some evidence to back their claim. Every available strain on kratom has its own optimal dose for both euphoric effects and medicinal and above that dosage, then the effects of the strain can be paradoxical.

It is important to remember that, the various strains have varied levels of the alkaloids and thus, a common experience is due to the difference in alkaloid. It is important to remember that, the statement might not apply to all the various strains but it tends to affect most of the strains.

It is advisable to follow the less is more theory due to the fact that a dosage which is lower tends to create a tolerance effect which is less. This can be able to help in maintaining the medicinal potential of the plant for a long period of time.

  • Empty stomach theory: It is believed that, when you take a plain leaf, it is best to take it on an empty stomach so that you maximize its benefits. This will ensure that you get the effects delivered to you more reliably and quickly. Apart from that, when you take kratom on an empty stomach, it is believed to be the best option. Some foods tend to delay the effects of the kratom while others even nullify them completely.

Due to the fact that it is necessary to eat, then it might not be easy to use this theory. And that might be the reason why some people have turned to the kratom tea in order to get a maximum effect which is reliable and quick.

Preparing Kratom both Modern and Traditional Methods

Throughout the many years which kratom has been used, methods of preparations have remained almost the same. But due to the advent of technology, there are some few additions which are unique in regard to methods and recipes which are used to fit the unique needs.

  • The Kratom Quid: This is the traditional method which was used by the Southeast Asian cultures to prepare kratom for use. It involved taking fresh kratom leaves, removing the veins and the stem in a quick motion, bundling them in the mouth and chewing them while holding the saliva and the leaf which is being chewed in the mouth. The swallowed potion is what had an impact on the user.
  • Wash and toss method: It is one of the most common preparation methods for Kratom. It is done by:
  • Putting a liquid like water in the mouth.
  • Adding your desired amount of kratom in the mouth
  • Ensuring that it is submerged and mixing it with a liquid such as water in your mouth to avoid dry particles getting stuck in your throat mouth
  • Gulping some more water while swallowing the mixture simultaneously.
  • Taking more water to ensure that all the debris are cleared in your mouth and swallowed.
  • Kratom Tea: It is another common method of preparing Kratom both in the east and west. To prepare it is very simple
    • Add water of about 3 to 10 ounce to a pot
    • Add your desired kratom dose
    • Simmer it for about 45 minutes but 20 minutes will just be fine
    • Add strain powder- which is optional

Tips for the tea

  • You can increase the number of alkaloids absorbed by adding water to the powder of kratom and freezing it before making the tea.
  • To increase the number of alkaloids absorbed, you can add small amounts of citric acid or lemon juice.
  • To ensure that no alkaloids are wasted, you can salvage the strained tea and reuse it.
  • Blends and Mixtures: Another method which is common that has been more recently been embraced if you don’t want to toss and wash or make tea, is to make a mixture of kratom. Some of the most common mixtures that kratom users make include
    • Juice
    • Yogurt
    • Chocolate milk
    • Apple sauce
    • Honey
    • Peanut butter

When you mix kratom with the aforementioned, it has an added benefit of ensuring that you take it while minimizing on the taste. But it is important to note that, when you make the blends and mixtures, it might take a long time for the digestion to take place.

Also, the blenders which are used in such instances might prove to be expensive for some users and thus, not an option.

Go for the best method you think will work for you.

Post Author: Nelson Russell