Health benefits of Keto Diet

Keto diet helps the liver in making enough ketones to keep the brain happy. It is very similar to the low carb diets. However, the intake of fats is more to make the liver produce more ketone molecules. It also moderates the intake of proteins.

It is definitely harder to follow a keto diet. This is because the diet becomes frustrating after a while. The main reason for this is that one has to compensate his delicious expectations. However, there are restaurants who give ketogenic recipes that are healthy and delicious too. One can visit ketosumo website to know about these restaurants.

Though maintaining the consistency in following keto diet is hard, when one learns the benefits he becomes aware that the hard work and the dedication are worth it! Here are some of the greatest benefits of keto diet.

Lose weight

The body turns into a fat burning machine as one begins to follow keto diet. The levels of fat storing hormones in the body reduce greatly. Especially, the level of insulin which is the predominant hormone to store fat drops greatly. This activates the body to lose fat without hunger. Sensation of hungriness’ in a person’s body is determined by the level of insulin. When the level increases, the person becomes hungrier. Keto diet keeps the level of insulin and other hormones to minimal.

Also, more than 30 studies have confirmed that the success rates of keto diet are higher than any other method existing in the case of weight lose.

Appetite control

If the body burns fat throughout the day, even while sleeping, it will have access to months or weeks of stored energy. Therefore the need to give more food is reduced. This helps to gain new control over the appetite. Therefore one automatically eats less. The person just has to wait to be hungry.

Keto diet makes intermittent fasting easier. Intermittent fasting is the intermittent calorie restriction. There are several types of intermittent fasting like whole day fasting, time restricted fasting, etc.

Keto diet also helps to avoid the snacking all the time. Some even feel like eating only twice a day when they are on keto diet. Their appetite control grows largely!

The effects of appetite control could help in following ways

  • Problems of sugar addiction or food addiction
  • Eating disorders like bulimia. Bulimia is eating large quantities of food at regular intervals of time.
  • Above all a person feels satisfied and energetic all the time

Control of blood sugar levels

Keto diet helps to reduce the sugar levels greatly. The diet is excellent for type 2 diabetes. It helps in complete reversal of the disease. As the blood sugar level reduces the medication can also be reduced. Apart from reducing the type 2 diabetes it also helps to prevent it.

Improvement in health

As Keto diet is a low carb diet it reduces the risk factors of cholesterol. Thereby the blood pressure is maintained at normal levels. This helps to make a person cardiac healthy. It helps to avoid metabolic syndromes like increased blood pressure, excess body fat around waist, abnormal triglyceride levels, etc.


Many usually take up keto diet to enhance their mental performance. This is because today every job demands for over achievers which not every ordinary human can become.

It is a known fact that energy to the brain is supplied either via ketones or carbs. The brain can be kept awake 24/7 just by ketones produced by the liver, called ketosis. Ketosis leads to steady flow of ketones to the brain. This results in improved focus and concentration with an improved mental clarity. To find out the energy providing ketogenic foods available in keto restaurants one can visit ketosumo website.

Calm Stomach

It happens at work, that sometimes when one feels hungry, his stomach starts making noises disturbing his work. Slowly one might even suffer from mild headaches if he avoids the situation and continues working. This is because when the feel of hunger is kindled the stomach starts to release gases, make cramps as it has no work to do that is to extract energy. This can be greatly avoided when one follows keto diet. The difference can be felt in one or two days.

It also helps people suffering from IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It can be of anything from constipation to abdominal pain, stomach bloating, gas, abdominal cramping, etc. It is proven fact that cutting down carbohydrate intake increases the symptoms of IBS. Therefore keto diet is the best alternate. It also helps to avoid medications.

Increase physical activities

The Keto diet provides good stamina to exercise for a longer period of time. Usually after a good work out, the body gains access to the stored energy (carbohydrates or fats) only for 2 hours. But with keto diet, it gains access to the stored energy 24/7.


Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that is associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain. It can be loss of consciousness, or frequent episodes of sensory disturbances. With ketogenic diet as more energy is pumped to the brain, intake of drugs can be greatly reduced. As epileptic drugs have number of side effects, one can stay healthy by following ketogenic diet.


Therefore ketogenic diet helps to lose weight, control appetite, control blood sugar levels, reverses type 2 diabetic conditions, cures epilepsy, IBS and reduces cardiac symptoms.

Post Author: Nelson Russell