Date Night (2010) Review

This is a light comedy with the emphasis on both the light and the comedy when it comes to the story line. It is a good vehicle for displaying the comedic talents of both Steve Carell and Tina Fey.

The story line is that Phil and Claire Foster go into the city for a date night away from the hectic life of suburban parents. With no prior planning they go to a posh restaurant and attempt to get a table. When turned away for not having called 2 months in advance for a reservation they steal the reservation of a no show couple and have a wonderful dinner. At the end of dinner they are approached by two men demanding they leave with them. Thinking they have been busted for stealing the reservation they meekly comply only to find out that they have been mistaken for the Triplehorns and that the men are there to extract the secrets from a computer flash drive the Triplehorns have stolen.

The antics begin with the attempt to first find the Triplehorns and then find the reason for the importance of the flash drive. The story line is just barely credible but the comedy is good and this is a good little movie to watch when you want to watch a movie but you do not want to think about very much. You do not need to figure out the character motivation here since there isn’t any.

I recommend it for fun and enjoyment as light comedy.

Post Author: Nelson Russell