The thirteen best Netflix movies of 2021 (for now)

We are going to review the 13 best Netflix movies in 2021, those movies that are really his, whether they were from before they were shot or bought later. Of course, we will update the article as new notable feature films arrive on the platform or if we recover any that may have been overlooked. With nothing more to add, let’s go through them:

Below Zero

Best Netflix movies

A powerful thriller led by some great Javier Gutiérrez and Karra Elejalde, who are also very well accompanied in the cast. It is a film in which its director Lluís Quílez enhances the tension above all else to catch the viewer and not let go of him until his shocking outcome arrives. It is true that there are some details that are not particularly credible, but nothing that stands out compared to other similar proposals.

Of Love And Monsters

Exclusive premiere in Spain that is not his original film. It is a great adventure away from all kinds of cynicism that knows how to give the story the necessary charm so that one can have a great time watching it. It also features an exhilarating creature design and successful Dylan O’Brien in the title role.

The Dragon Of Wishes

A kind of Asian version of ‘Aladdin’ full of good intentions, which makes it perhaps too obvious in certain scenes, but in return, it knows how to conquer you through its characters, an entertaining story, and a colorful visual finish.

Army Of The Dead

Zack Snyder returned to zombie movies and triumphed. It is true that it does not reach the level of ‘Dawn of the Dead’, still today his best film, but here he offered a playful pastime full of gore in which he combined the cinema of the undead with the stories of robberies. Overloaded and excessive, but also very entertaining.

Fragments Of A Woman

A somewhat unbalanced drama, since its first 20-25 minutes are sensational, especially the extensive and intense birth scene, and then never finish hitting the key you are looking for. That does not mean that Vanessa Kirby’s work is also excellent then, without forgetting the more than estimable contributions of Ellen Burstyn or Shia LaBeouf.

The Street of Terror – Part 1: 1984

A very enjoyable supernatural slasher based on the popular literary saga by RL Stine but which seems to have its main reference in ‘Scream’. With a well-chosen cast and generous enough in the scenes of violence, it is a film that knows what it is proposing and how to achieve it to make the viewer have a good time without neglecting the story of this first installment or forgetting the mythology which should connect her to the next two parts of the trilogy.

The Excavation

It would be a better film if it had not included a romantic subplot starring Lily James that unbalances what until then was a remarkable historical drama supported by the peculiar relationship that arises between the characters played by Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan, and is also a very careful proposal in all the aspects except that pointed weakness.

The Mitchells Against The Machines

An undeniable wonder. Full of imagination when it comes to animation, with a great character design and an impeccable script that serves as the basis for building an incredibly fun film that also knows how to be spectacular when it is proposed or reaches the heart of the viewer with unusual ease.

Malcolm And Marie

A roller coaster of emotions on the complicated night of a couple who comes home shortly after he forgot to mention her in the thanks when collecting an award. A constant give and take very well written by Sam Levinson, who also knows how to avoid the usual problems to set something in a single sitting, but were the ones that really shine on John David Washington and, above all, Zendaya.


Amy Poehler returns as a director with a teenage film about female empowerment and the need not to accept things as they are when they are based on a toxic culture. Perhaps it needs to delve a little deeper into something of what it proposes, but it is seen at all times with interest, it has a well-chosen cast and it knows how to navigate between the comic and the dramatic with ease.


An oppressive thriller in the vein of ‘Buried’ that prefers to promote the way of science fiction to explore who he is and what has happened to the character played by a highly inspired Mélanie Laurent, who is primarily responsible for enhancing the more emotional side of the film. For his part, Alexandre Aja tries to enhance the strong points and qualify the weak ones through effective staging work.

Red Point

The thriller is about a couple who are not going through their best moment and how they have to do everything possible to avoid a danger of death specified with that red dot that gives the film its title. A film that knows how to play with the expectations of the public to surprise them and add a totally different dimension to what we thought we were seeing. Whether or not one believes that depends greatly on what one is going to enjoy with this intense proposal.

White Tiger

This feature film by Ramin Bahrani goes perhaps further than necessary, but that does not detract from its portrayal of modern India through a lower-class young man who does everything possible to improve his social position, first through effort. and then with less noble methods. Young Adarsh ​​Gourav is quite a revelation in the lead role.

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Post Author: Nelson Russell