Blind Date

Blind Date is a quiet film about a couple using unconventional methods to try and reinvigorate their relationship after losing a child. Each night that they meet, they pretend to be different people who have never met, making up personalities for a blind date that they will have with each other. Occasionally humorous, Blind Date is also surprisingly touching, while always intriguing.

Adapted from Theo Van Gogh’s film, Stanley Tucci adapted and directs this simple tale of a grieving couple, and he also stepped in to play one of the leads when Tony Shalhoub dropped out. Tucci is Don, a bar-room magician. The bar is the location that Janna (Patricia Clarkson) meets Don for each date.

The game that they play with each other grows tiresome, and if the film were any longer they might actually have to leave the single location. The dialogue and the performances become the highlight of the film, especially as it becomes apparent that the characters are somewhat incapable of change.

The DVD includes a commentary track with Tucci and Clarkson.

Post Author: Nelson Russell