Important things to know about PCOS

There are many health issues that can threaten a woman’s health and wellness. PCOS is one of the most common health problems in women. PCOS has led to serious problems in a women’s body. For instance, it can lead to changes in weight and body shape. It can also affect your fertility. You can know more about PCOS and how to deal with it from this site

  • What is PCOS?

PCOS is an abbreviation for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. This is a type of hormonal disorder. It happens in the ovaries and targets women in whole world. Everything begins when your ovaries produce higher levels of androgens. It is normal for the ovaries to produce a certain amount of androgens. When the production of these hormones is no longer balanced, the egg growth and production is no longer normal. High level of testosterone in a woman’s body will make the levels of blood sugar higher. This can lead to more serious health complications.

  • How to diagnose PCOS

Gynaecologists or obstetricians can diagnose PCOS by ordering certain blood tests. They can also detect them when they perform an ultrasound check. Usually, there are certain symptoms that can indicate the presence of PCOS. You can discuss these symptoms with your doctor, then she/he will ask for performing relevant tests. These symptoms include:

  • Changes in your hair

PCOS manipulates different hormones in the body. So, it is not strange to witness changes in your head and body hair. For instance, you would start to lose head hairs unexpectedly. You will also see thick and dark hairs growing in other unexpected places such as the chin, chest and belly.

  • Changes in the skin

Your PCOS will make serious changes in your skin. It will make your skin oily. Your face will have acne in a way that is not normal for you. The acnes might appear on your cheeks or your chin.

  • Problems in fertility

Many women dream about becoming mothers. PCOS can come between them and achieving this dream. Ovaries are where eggsgrow and are released. PCOS will make these eggs unable to grow properly. Typically, PCOS won’t make a patient ovulate. Even if you were able to conceive successfully, uncontrolled PCOS might lead to miscarriages. It might also cause premature birth.

  • Weight problems

This is one of the most noticeable signs of PCOS. You will start gaining weight in an unexplained way. This happens because your body is no longer able to burn fats and calories the way it used to.Your belly will start sticking out and your waist measurements will become higher.

  • Irregular menstrual periods

Many women have regular periods between 28 and 35 days. PCOS will make you forget about regular periods. It will start coming on unusual times. You might miss it for a couple of weeks or months. Severe PCOS will make the period disappear for months.

  • Mental health problems

Hormonal imbalance will make everything else imbalanced. PCOS can make you feel sad or depressed for no reason. You will start suffering from unexplained mood swings.

It is not always necessary for a PCOS patient to have all these symptoms together. A few of them might be enough to make you worried. You can talk to your doctor about the symptoms. Blood tests can detect abnormal levels of testosterone in a woman’s body. The ultrasound exam will also clear up things. You can understand more about PCOS from this site

  • Causes of PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome comes from different sources. Defining this source is not always easy. Your doctor might not be able to determine the real cause of your PCOS. At the end of the day, it is a hormonal disorder. Here are some of the common causes of PCOS:

  • Genetic reasons

There are many studies suggesting that PCOS can pass from one family member to another. Usually, it can pass from a mother to a daughter. Aunts with PCOS could pass to their nieces.The risk factor also increases, when there is a history of diabetes. Studies indicate that diabetes will increase a chance of developing PCOS.

  • More levels of insulin in the body

Insulin is necessary for absorbing sugar that comes with food. It is important for controlling the levels of glucose in your system. But, what would happen if your body has too much insulin? Too much insulin will make your body develop resistance. Insulin resistance will typically lead to ovulation problems.

  • Increased levels of testosterone

Androgen and testosterone are important for reproductive functions in females. Basically, they are male sex hormones. However, it is completely normal for your ovaries to release androgens in a limited amount. When the levels exceed the normal amounts, problems occur. Increased testosterone will make your body grow male-like hairs in undesired spots. Your face will become a home to various sizes of acnes. Many females with PCOS, have certain inflammations. These inflammations are responsible for increasing the production of androgens. There are no specific reasons for developing these forms of low-grade inflammations.

PCOS is not a life-threating condition. However, you need to seek the help of your doctor to keep it under control. It can affect your overall comfort and happiness. It might come between you and conceiving a child. You will learn to live with it. This website has effective and useful methods to make things better with PCOS

Post Author: Nelson Russell